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Last Updated:Sunday 10 February 2013, 14:49

ADAP Marathon Information




My name is Donald Walker and I am a member of the American Diabetes Association. I am a college professor and also the Director of a nonprofit entity in Atlanta, Georgia named  Atlanta Diabetes Advocacy and Prevention (ADAP). ADAP was established to serve the growing demand for support for public health providers in the state of Georgia where diabetes is moving towards epidemic levels. In addition, ADAP seeks to lower the increasing cost of healthcare for corporations.

As a type 2 diabetic, my story is unique in that I did not fit the profile of a typical diabetic. I ran marathons and was always involved in athletics and good nutrition. However on February 12, 2008, I collapsed into a diabetic coma also known as hyperglycemic hyperosmolar nonketotic syndrome, with a glucose level of 1,060, and A1C of 12.8. My life changed drastically with a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes- Insulin dependent!  Physicians determined that my diabetes surfaced after a serious flu illness. Since the time of diagnoses I have been an advocate for good nutrition and proper exercise which includes a continuation of marathon running and advocacy in schools and communities in hopes that my story can save lives.

As mentioned, part of my diabetes regiment involves an advocacy initiative focused on running a marathon on every continent. To date, I have completed the Chicago Marathon in the US; the Paris Marathon in Paris, France and my third in South America, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on July, 2010 raising $52,545 for patients who lacked healthcare for diabetes. This year the continent of Africa is hosting its annual Safaricom Marathon on June 30, 2012 and Big Five Marathon in South Africa on June 23, 2012. I would like to compete in one of these marathons to represent not only your corporation, but to demonstrate what is possible for Diabetics whose regimen includes wholesome nutrition, proper exercise and continuous health education. As an aid in your decision, I contacted Marathon Tours (www.marathontours.com), the only US Corporation with access to these marathons and included the estimated cost for providing full accommodations for airplane fare, hotel, and registration to this event.

Finally, I need your help to support this year’s effort to run on the continent of Africa in support of diabetes awareness and prevention. Please allow me the pleasure of representing your corporation in one these marathons in Africa by sponsorship or donation, but more importantly by giving me the esteemed honor of wearing on my uniform your corporate emblem as a sign to people across the world of your support in the fight against this growing diabetes epidemic which ultimately reduces overall healthcare cost for all Americans.

Warmest Regards,

Donald Walker



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